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Since ZerosIN ceramic press method differs from that of traditional methods, I would like to provide a brief product description for our users to better understand the use process.

A more detailed explanation will be arranged at a webinar session later on.

ZerosIn helps users achieve better results by compensating for previous issues users may have experienced with the manual press method.

With the manual press, the ring needed to be pressed quickly once out of the furnace before the ring temperature decreased.

Due to that particular reason, many users, who at first was unfamiliar with the process, struggled to achieve accurate results.

In order to rectify the issue, by using ZerosIn, the prosthesis begins to get pressed to a certain extent by the weight of its own weight while the ingot is being melted in the muffle furnace.

Afterwards, the user can finish the process with the manual press method once is it out of the furnace, resulting in a much improved prosthesis result.

Small restorations, such as inlays, can be completed without an additional press, but an additional press is highly recommended for the most optimal results.

With ZerosIN, the ring temperature is steadily maintained even when it is out of the furnace, to provide an improved pressing experience for the user.

Additionally, ring breakage can be prevented due to excessive force applied while pressing.

Even after it is pressed, the weight of ZerosIn continues to apply minimal pressure resulting in a much more precise result.


How to use ZerosIN

1. Set the muffle furnace temperature to 800 degrees.

2. When the temperature of the muffle furnace rises to 800 degrees, insert the investment ring.

3. Burn out the wax first while holding it in a muffle furnace for 15 to 30 minutes.

4. Now insert the ingot and plunger into the investment ring, and place the Zeros IN on the plunger.

Then, the muffle furnace is set as the final press temperature and a notification buzzer is set.

5. When the notification buzzer sounds, take out the ring 18 minutes later

6. The removed ring is pressed in the Zeros manual press.

At this time, small inlets can be used without additional press,

For more reliable results, it is recommended to use with Zeros manual press.

ZerosIN is

While the ingot melts in the muffle furnace

Slowly press the ingot with its own weight,

This removes the air bubbles inside the ingot,

During the final press, the hot Zeros IN prevents the plunger from cooling down quickly, helping you to press slowly and more comfortably.

Even after pressing, you can obtain precise results by continuously pressing with Zeros IN's own weight.


The Zeros Press system is a simple, manually operated press.

No additional power or vacuum pump is required.

Press is easy to put anywhere.

Press is faster and easier by using only a burn-out  furnace.

Applicable to various Lithium disilicate ingots.(E-max.Rosetta,GC press,...)

Not only Lithium disilicate.

You can also press PECK and PEEK.(Later, the manual is provided)

Upper structure (off-the-shelf) is always available for replacement at a reasonable price during use.

Reduce the risk of manual presses and 

Designed with a user-centered design.

It is essential to be familiar with the provided method of use before use.


The  Zeros 28 Dental solution promises continuous technical support after purchase.

Stay tuned for continued technical support through social networking services for users.

Zeros Press is a internally or externally patented product that requires liability.


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