The Zeros Press system is a simple, manually operated press.

No additional power or vacuum pump is required.

Press is easy to put anywhere.

Press is faster and easier by using only a burn-out  furnace.

Applicable to various Lithium disilicate ingots.(E-max.Rosetta,GC press,...)

Not only Lithium disilicate.

You can also press PECK and PEEK.(Later, the manual is provided)

Upper structure (off-the-shelf) is always available for replacement at a reasonable price during use.

Reduce the risk of manual presses and 

Designed with a user-centered design.

It is essential to be familiar with the provided method of use before use.


The  Zeros 28 Dental solution promises continuous technical support after purchase.

Stay tuned for continued technical support through social networking services for users.

Zeros Press is a internally or externally patented product that requires liability.

2022 Zeros black set(zerosIN, cooling table)

$1,000.00 Regular Price
$790.00Sale Price