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1.Zeros hand press,

2.Zeros IN,

3,cooing table,

4.Tongs (limitedly included)

5,User Manual (by e-mail)



The Zeros Press system is a simple, manually operated press.

No additional power or vacuum pump is required.

The press can be easily moved anywhere,

Pressing is faster and easier with burnout only.

Applicable to various lithium disilicate ingots. (E-max.Rosetta,GC press,...)

The superstructure (off-the-shelf) can always be replaced at a reasonable price during use.

Reduce the risk of manual press

Designed with a user-centric design.

Before use, it is important to familiarize yourself with the instructions for use provided.

The newly developed Zeros IN helps to get better results by pre-pressing in the burnout furnace with its own weight and maintaining the temperature during the press.

Also, for small inlays, press can be completed simply by placing Zeros IN without additional press.


Zeros Press is an internal or external patented product that requires liability.

Zeros IN Set

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